Virtual Reality

Virtual reality world created by technical means (objects and subjects) is transmitted to humans (visitors of the world) through his senses: sight, hearing, smell, and others. Virtual reality simulates the impact and reaction to the impact. Computer synthesis of the properties and reactions of a virtual reality is produced in real time to create a convincing sense of reality is a complex. Objects of virtual reality are usually behaved close to the behavior of similar objects of material reality. The user can work on these objects, in agreement with the real laws of physics (gravitation, properties of water, collision with objects, reflection, etc.). However, often for entertainment purposes users of virtual worlds allow more than is possible in real life (to fly, to create any objects, etc.). Player has unique abilities in Tibia.
One should not confuse virtual reality and augmented reality in computer games. Their fundamental difference is that the virtual constructs a new artificial world, augmented reality and only makes some artificial elements in the perception of the real world. Systems, virtual reality is a device which more completely than conventional computer systems mimic the interaction with the virtual environment by acting on all five available human senses. A flat image display can provide a small stereo due to different rates of movement of the image. Providing each eye with their pictures ensures full stereo effect. The image can be formed with a color monitor displacement (anaglyph). For an individual immersed in the virtual world is important a wide viewing angle and change the direction of gaze with the turn of the head, so that it remained before my eyes. This can provide a secure virtual reality helmet with built-in gyroscopes. It also uses a virtual retinal display. Multi-channel speaker system, allows the localization of sound source that allows the user to navigate in the virtual world with the help of hearing.
Online games are based on the interaction of a player with a virtual world created by them. Many of them are based on the identification of a player with game characters, visible or implied. Virtual reality is used for teaching professions, where the operation of real devices and mechanisms associated with increased risk, either due to high costs.
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