How to Create Computer Games

Game development is a process of producing computer games. The developer has been developing video games. Developer may be represented as a single person and company. Typically, large-scale commercial games are developed by the teams of developers within the company, which specializes in computer and console games. A well-known company engaged in developing game is Tibia. Art director is the most experienced and respected member of the team involved in the creation of content. Its task is to control the quality and time of content creation, as well as monitoring the work of artists in the same vein. The designer's job is based on close interaction with the art director and lead programmer. His work lies not only in adding ideas to the game, but also in determining what is in it to make. Designers are directly involved in the creation of virtual reality. A writer plans to develop the plot. Sound effects engineer looking for the right sound in the library, or write a new one with nature, or synthesize a suitable one or more existing. Composer creates or synthesizes a musical setting for the game. Voiceover actors are voicing characters.
The only way to be sure of the game is to play it. A line producer is responsible for the quality in small companies in the initial stages. A special team is responsible for the quality of play in big companies. At the stage of basic production a huge amount of work should be done. Programmers write source code, graphics artist’s paint. Sound engineers develop sound effects, and composers write music for games. Level designers create levels, and writers write dialogue for a script scenes and game characters. Some aspects of the production of online games such as the creation and selection of music and sounds, voice acting and motion capture often require unreasonable investments. Efficient use of resources is achieved when a developer creates a few games simultaneously and has internal departments for specific tasks or through outsourcing. Most developers use the services of subcontractors to perform part of their project.
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