Classification of Computer Games

Computer games are mostly classified by genre and by the number of players. There are games with elements of several genres, which may belong to each of them. Such projects will rank as either one of the genres that the game is basic, or directly to all those present in the game. Player acting alone in games likes 3 D shooter. He must destroy the enemies with melee weapons and firearms. Player moves to the next level after reaching their goals. Arcade is a game in which players have to act quickly, relying primarily on reflexes and reaction. Game play is simple and does not change during the game.
Arcade games are characterized by a developed system of bonuses: scoring gradually, revealed elements of the game, etc. Stealth action is a game that is supposed not to fight with the majority of enemies encountered, and scrupulously avoids possible contact with them, simultaneously performing the tasks. Stealth elements are often found in games of various genres. Game Stimulator is a very popular genre. With the help of the computer as much as possible it simulates the physical behavior of the management of a complex object of a technical system. The main criterion of quality engineering simulators is completeness and realistic simulation of its object. Virtual reality games in this genre are unique. Tibia includes several genres.
Sports game is a simulation of a sport game. The most widely used simulation is football, hockey, basketball, tennis and golf, bowling and billiards. Economic simulations often attributable also to the strategy genre, dedicated to mapping the economic, market processes. In these games to players, guiding kind of enterprise is to extract the virtual profits. Strategy game requires planning and developing a strategy to achieve certain specific goals, like winning in a military operation. The player controls not one character but a whole unit, enterprise, or even the universe. There is an Interactive Fiction genre of computer games in which communication with the player happens by means of textual information. Massive online games have become very popular lately. Most of these games are unplayable offline. The most common genres are the board and role-playing games (MMORPG). Among them browser games are distinguished that stand out from the genre MUD - word games online.
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